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BBC News: Sunk migrants' boat captain charged
Tuesday 21st April 2015

BFG Herford

Herford Station is part of the Gutersloh Garrison (the other stations making up the Garrison are Munster, Gutersloh, Bielefeld and Dulmen). Herford comprises Harewood, Hammersmith & Wentworth camps which are all located around the town centre. The Station is home to 1 (UK) Armoured Division which has existed in the British Army since 1809 when it was formed by the Duke of Wellington. The Division has been stationed in Germany since June 1960 and in Herford since 1993.

Herford town has a number of streets of old fashioned houses, which now accommodate modern shops and a number of very good restaurants. It is also famous for its many factories and workshops plus the ‘Herforder Brewery' and the MART, a modern art Museum. The town’s close proximity to the A2 autobahn also allows access to many other parts of Germany and the Teutoburger Wald region with its host of outdoor attractions, woodland and walking areas.

The Station has many amenities, including a Medical & Dental Centre, Naafi, YMCA paper shop, SSVC, hair and beauty salon, travel agents and a PRI shop.

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